KONOS Kids’ Timelines Distinctives:

Sample Timeline Characters

  • Powerful visual tool (Luther nailing 95 theses; Bathsheba in a bathtub; Columbus with telescope, flag, map; Leonardo holding Mona Lisa and paint brush)
  • Framework for history with BC divided by cross from AD
  • Kids "build" history as they learn one character at a time
  • Teaches in blocks of history:
    • Patriarch period (Bible timeline)
    • Explorers period (Vol. II timeline)
  • Uses colorful, meaningful symbols (Ephod=priest, Scale=judge, Staff=prophet, Cross=lineage of Christ, etc.)
  • Combines all history (e.g. Squanto of American History living concurrently with Shakespeare of English drama and Galileo of science)
  • Each character is approximately 2-3/4" tall
  • List of every character by timeline
  • Use with Century Lines (cut apart, laminated lines afixed to wall)



Why Do I Need the Timeline?

Because KONOS focuses on character traits as its main thrust of teaching, the curriculum uses a variety of people throughout history to illustrate a particular character trait. You might study a Bible character in the morning and a secular historical character in the afternoon. As an example, in the character trait of Attentiveness, you�ll study Samuel and Eli in the first activity. Samuel was attentive to the Lord and responded to the Lord's call in his sleep. You will also study Helen Keller who was attentive even though she lacked the use of her eyes and ears.

Your little Sarah asks, "Mommy, did Samuel and Helen Keller know each other? With the KONOS Kids’ Timeline, you have Sarah cut out the figure for Helen Keller who is holding her Braille book with her eyes closed, and place her at the beginning of the 20th century AD. She then cuts out Samuel wearing his priest ephod, holding his prophet staff and standing by his judges scale. Most adults do not have any idea where to place Samuel on the timeline. Not to worry! Samuel has a date on his pedestal which tells Sarah to place him in the 11th century BC. When Sarah counts the centuries back from Helen Keller to the time of Christ, she quickly sees, on her own, that Christ lived a long time ago. When she counts eleven more centuries to the time of Samuel, she’ll understand, on her own, that Samuel and Helen Keller could not have known each other. KONOS uses timelines to make learning hands-on, not abstract.

There are timeline sets to go with each of the three volumes plus a Bible timline if you are just studying the bible. As a character is studied, a timeline figure is cut out and placed on the lines in the proper century—one character at a time. The KONOS Timelines will help the youngest to the oldest learn and know history! It is the greatest history teaching tool we’ve ever seen.

Vo1 TL Cover.JPG (91629 bytes) KONOS Kids Timeline Volume I* Includes 160 characters studied in Volume I such as Bible characters, Indians, kings and queens, missionaries and more! (Characters only; need Century Lines or Timeline Wallchart.)   See Davy Crockett
Vol2 TL Cover.JPG (83357 bytes) KONOS Kids Timeline Volume II * 220 people studied in Volume II such as Bible characters, explorers, early scientists, American patriots, and more! (Characters only; need Century Lines or Timeline Wall chart.
Vol 3 TL Cover.JPG (101058 bytes) KONOS Kids Timeline Volume III * 150 people studied in Volume III such as Civil War, authors, inventors, Olympic champions, and more! (Characters only; need Century Lines or Timeline Wall chart.)  
TLO Co1.jpg (16272 bytes) Century Lines  40 dated, cut apart, century lines 2099 BC to 2099 AD to permanently mount on wall with staples or sponge tape.  Approximately 7' x 7' wall space needed. Each Century line is 3/4" tall and 17" wide. No characters in this set of lines.