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History of the World III

History of the World Year III

History of the World Year III

Renaissance, Reformation, and Revolution

KONOS is offering
History of the World Year III
Renaissance, Reformation, and Revolution

for $99.00 which includes:

  • History of the World Year III Student Book (557 pages)
  • Teacher Guide (62 pgs at the end of each student chapter)
  • Images of 195 historical people for biography cards
  • Excellent Charts:
Art History Chart
Musical History Chart
Royal Houses of England Chart
Rulers of the Netherlands Chart
The Age of Enlightenment flow chart
  • No map and timeline characters in HOW III
  • 32-week curriculum
  • Christian Worldview
Subjects Covered:
Full Credits: ½ Credits
  • History
  • English
    (literature + composition)
  • Art History
  • Bible
  • Geography
  • Fine Art
    (architecture, art, music)

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Doubts can easily arise when questions about the traditional church and man’s relationship to God surface.  The Renaissance was the birth of not only great art but the birth of man being elevated to be equal with God, thus creating a new religion called humanism.  The counter-balance to this thought was the Protestant Reformation.  Students will study the shapers of the protestant faith, what they believed, and how their beliefs impacted Western civilization.   

From the Dark Ages through great Renaissance art, from the end of the Medieval Church through the Protestant Reformation; from the great French monarchy through the French Revolution and the rise of Napoleon, this is one of the most exciting periods of history, literature, music, art, and sweeping governmental changes in the history of mankind.  The diligent student will not only be challenged to his core but will gain incredible knowledge, insight, and be built up in his own faith.

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