What are the goals of KONOS History of the World?

Jessica calls KONOS History of the World (HOW), which is designed for 9th-12th graders as R.A.I.D.


is for rigorous research, reading and writing.


 is for activities to increase understanding, retention, and fun.  Large maps, timelines, and timeline characters add to the hands-on approach.  High school students still need hands-on activities for fun and retention.


is for independent study, a great way to prepare students for college and life. Students build portfolios, record earned Carnegie units, and plan weekly schedules with parents.


 is for dialogue, and important component of classical learning, between parents and student.  The 100-page Teacher’s Guide keep moms from having to attend high school again!

What scope of history is covered in 4 years?

  • History of the World Year I: Ancient World (hard copy)
  • History of the World Year II: Medieval World (hard copy)
  • History of the World Year III: Renaissance and Reformation (download)
  • History of the World Year IV: American History (download)

What subjects / credits are covered?

  • History
  • English Composition
  • Literature
  • Bible
  • Drama/Speech
  • Civics (in HOW IV)
  • Geography
  • Studio Art
  • Art History (in HOW III)
  • Fine Arts: Music, Art, Architechure (in HOW III)
  • Dance / Music (in HOW IV)
  • Some Latin (in HOW II)
  • Study Skills (very specific in HOW IV)