History of the World Year II: Medieval World

History covered:

  • Rome
  • Christianity 1st Hundred Years
  • Early Church
  • Moslems
  • Charlemagne
  • Holy Roman Empire
  • Vikings
  • Byzntines
  • Medieval Europe
  • Pre-Reformation
  • China

There is a fabulous study of the early church and its history which very few non-seminarians know anything about.  One pastor in Ohio has learned to check the historical accuracy of his upcoming sermon with his 16-year-old daughter because of the vast knowledge, understanding and recall she has due to her KONOS studies in HOW II. 

Literature read:

  • Julius Caesar, by William Shakespeare
  • Augustus Caesar’s World, by Genevieve Foster
  • The Bronze Bow, Elizabeth George Speare or Quo Vadis?, by Henryk Sienkiewicz
  • City Of God, by Augustine
  • Beowulf
  • Stories of King Arthur
  • Tales of the Arabian Nights
  • The Song of Roland
  • Norse Mythology
  • Murder in the Cathedral, by T.S. Eliot \
  • Robin Hood (many authors including Howard Pyle)
  • Ivanhoe, by Sir Walter Scott
  • Saint Joan, by George Bernard Shaw
  • The Canterbury Tales, by Geoffrey Chaucer

Table of Contents:


  1. The Big Picture
  1. The Roman Republic
  2. The Roman Empire - I
  3. The Roman Empire - II
  4. The Life and Times of Jesus Christ - I
  5. The Life and Times of Jesus Christ - II
  6. The First Hundred Years of Christianity
  7. Roman Britain
  8. The Early Church in the West
  9. The Early Church in the East
  10. The Fall of Rome and the Germanic Tribes
  11. Early Britain
  1. Muhammed and the Rise of Islam
  2. The Muslim Invaders of Europe
  1. Charlemagne
  1. The Vikings
  1. Byzantium
  1. The Norman Conquest
  2. The Papacy
  3. Feudalism
  4. The Crusades
  5. The Monastic Tradition
  6. Cathedrals
  7. The Growth of Towns and Cities
  8. Medieval Science and Philosophy
  9. The Growth of Government
  10. The Black Death and the Hundred Years War
  11. Pilgrims, Travelers and Trade
  12. The Warning of the Middle Ages
  13. Marco Polo
  1. China I - Ancient History and Art
  2. China II - Medieval History and Religion
  3. China IV - Modern China
  4. Review I
  5. Review II

Included in purchase:

  • Student Text (400+ pages)
  • Teacher's Guide (100 pages)
  • Maps
  • Complete Timelines (characters and lines to put them on)