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Electing America’s Leaders


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Electing America's Leaders is a fabulous nine to ten week unit on the electoral process and how to positively influence the process through hands-on, grass roots campaigning.  Or . . . many families just use it as a great supplement to make government/civics more fun and hands-on.

Electing America's Leaders examines the Biblical basis for Godly leadership, then allows the students to compare the recent occupants of the Whitehouse to the Biblical standard!

Sub-topics included are:

·        The constitutional mandate of the office of the presidency; particularly the qualifications, and the powers.

·        A look at one major decision or event of each presidential administration.

·        Forms of government.

·        Structure of the U.S. government, (three branches).

·        The process of electing a president.

·        Understanding the Electoral College.

·        The inauguration

·        The daily activities in the life of the president.

·        Who can vote for the president?

·        The two-party system

·        The campaign process, especially from a grass-roots perspective.  Many examples and a recipe for family involvement in the political process are given.  

·        Vocabulary list

KONOS uses hands-on activities and real-life involvement in the teaching process.  This is a manual the entire family will want to use to learn the internal workings of the political process and how, as free people, we can train the next generation to not only love freedom, but be equipped to exercise the awesome power we possess to effect change in the political arena.  This is not book work.  This is a “Go do it” instruction manual from Jessica Hulcy, a lady who has had an incredible impact for good in the political arena in her local area.  This is fun stuff!!  (Suggested for 3rd grade and above).

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